TOEFL Full Form is Test of English as a Foreign Language. TOEFL is a standard test for those persons, whose native language is not English and  wishes to enroll foreign universities. The contents of the test are “Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking”. 90% of the TOEFL test takers get enrolled in their 1st or 2nd choice of University. This test is acknowledged by a lot of English-speaking academic and professional institutes. Almost 2400 academic institutes in the United States and Canada require TOEFL scores from each candidate.

TOEFL is divided into categories namely,an Internet-based test which is also referred to as TOEFL-iBT, and a written test, also referred to as TOEFL PBT. Both categories share the same pattern of course namely- Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Validity period: The TOEFL score valid for 2 years and can give tremendous maximum advantage to admission seeking international students. Often Universities set their minimum TOEFL requirements so it largely depends on upon the university you have applied to. Therefore,you must at least score what is need from the university you wish  to have yourself admitted.

There are four sections in the test:

  • Reading: 60-100 minutes, 3-5 passages, 12-14 questions per passage.
  • Listening: 60-90 minutes, 34-51 questions.
  • Speaking: 6 tasks with 15-30 seconds to prepare and 45-60 seconds to speak.
  • Writing: 50 minutes, 2 Writing

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  • Essential Practice: Lead Leap collection of practice tests follows the same structure as the actual TOEFL exam. The realistic practice and extensive training, along with test day tips and exam strategies provided by expert instructors, enhance students’ confidence in preparation for the actual test.
  • No Time Constraint: Lead Leap  provides intensive classroom coaching with access to its in-house library and other centre resources. Classes are held two to four times a week.

Total Test Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes

Fee Structure:

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